React usetransition hook

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2022. 4. 4. · Concurrent React. According to the official website of React, this is the major addition in React 18. With this new feature released, the devs will benefit from being able to prepare multiple versions of your UI at the same time. So, React will delegate to the dev to identify which changes are important to re-render the component.

Я люблю использовать hook based анимацию поэтому я преобразовал компонент в функцию. Лучший способ решить эту проблему это функция useTransition в react-spring. Можно определить from,.




useTransition Hook 的API比较简洁,有4个需要关键的点: timeoutMs, 表示切换的超时时间(最长在平行宇宙存在的时间),useTransition 会让 React 保持在当前页面,直到被触发 Suspense 就绪或者超时。 startTransition, 将可能触发页面切换(严格说是触发 Suspense 挂起)的状态变更包裹在 startTransition下,实际上 startTransition 提供了一个'更新的上下文'。.

2021. 12. 16. · ☄️ transition-hook Installation Usage useTransition useSwitchTransition Transition SwitchTransition API Reference useTransition(state, timeout) useSwitchTransition(state, timeout, mode) Transition SwitchTransition ListTransition Also see these amazing hooks License.

2022. 6. 1. · The useTransition React hook solves this problem by letting you mark some state updates as non-urgent. This allows urgent state updates to interrupt those with a lower priority. The SearchPage Component. This simple program imitates a search engine that updates two states—an input field and some search results.